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Parenting Class: 101

Seth and I haven't really been so great at updating our blog. That's on us, guys. Sorry! However, there hasn't been much lately to really update you all with. We are currently still waiting patiently (or as patiently as Seth and I can). We wish we had more to say - but really nothing on the matching process has changed and we are just trying to keep our spirits up and not think about how long it's been. Which brings us to what we've actually been up to - updating our home study. See, we went through the whole home study process about a year ago and while the home study can be renewed for 3 years, we still have to update all of our forms and references every year. This means, medical physicals and blood draws, updating W-2 forms and tax information, FBI checks, state child abuse checks (for three states because we've lived everywhere), and getting our references to update their letters. All of this in addition to our regular jobs, trying to stay healthy, and sle…

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