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Nine hundred and forty days...

940 days have passed since we began our adoption journey. 799 days have passed since we were approved to be a waiting family in the state of Pennsylvania.

940 long, stressful, anxious, and scary days - where we would be lying if we said there were times we didn't want to give up and just admit that maybe we would never be matched.

799 days of trying really hard to stay positive and believe in the whole process. 799 days of wondering if we would ever be parents.

Let's just be honest and give it to you all straight - the adoption process is not for the faint of heart. There were hard days, harder days, and sometimes we had good days. But, it was always there in the back of our minds that we were missing something. We constantly tried to update all of our profiles and videos and the like. It was taxing.

But, we survived 940 days just so that we could finally celebrate and tell you all... we've been keeping a little secret!! 😊

Everyone, Seth and I are so blessed and grateful …

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