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Happy Halloween!

Good evening everyone!

We hope you were able to enjoy a nice Halloween eve with your friends and family if you celebrate.

We were fortunate to have amazing weather here, low 60's and a beautiful sunset. This year with all my free time since finishing the patio, I decided to really expand our digital effects use in our Halloween display this year. Also, learning new skills like these really helps with patience during the adoption wait.

The pumpkins digitally carved into talking figures at night. We loved the fun songs and simple humor set up in these videos and this proved to be a great addition to our side yard as people walked around the house to end up at our treat table in the driveway. 
For the front of the house, we closed off the main entrance to direct the flow of trick-or-treaters to the side driveway of the house. To grab attention of passersby, we had our trio of ghosts out front singing songs and telling stories. 
Shana hard at work handing out candy to actual trick-or-…

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